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Two Kama

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Was gonna use wordpress but they wanna charge like 200$ a month for something I could make in an hour. So I did with an E3 bucket and w/e. Pretty cool.

Thats what I would of liked to say

It actually took me all fucking day to build this. Every step went wrong.

  • Setting up the bucket.
  • Learning route 53.
  • Setting up Jekyll.
  • Learning Jekyll.
  • Setting up Jekyll to work on S3.

Every step was lead to deadends and AWS has no instant google magic answer like everything else does. Google ‘somethin somethin something aws’ and you will never find anything useful. Also, haven’t used VIM in a while so did everything in that.


Why is this blog called Two Kama.

A Kama (鎌) is a hand sickle. In both hands I hold these tools. They can be used for gain or loss. One reaps the efforts of the past. The other, a weapon. In anger, or confusion, destructive. We all hold these tools. And admidst every breath, we must decide which to use.


Thats all bullshit. I just like ninjas. Im not very different than my 10 year old self. I remember living in NY. People would surprize me by asking what my tattoo means. Every time I heard this, I was taken aback. I would remember suddenly that people excuse getting a tattoo by assigning some meaning behind them. At first I would come up with some explaination about the Edyptian sun god of Ra and something about the Sun is the source of life. Some garbage like that.

Now I just say, ‘I just wanted a tattoo’. I just wanna call my blog Two Kama, because its fun. And I just want a blog, because its another daily task that improves my skill range in some small way. I have always fascinated about being a writter. And Micheal Crichton is my role model. So I may as well copy from the best and fake it til I make it.

So, Every so often

  • Wirte a post
  • 日本語の日記も
  • idk
  • oh yeah, write in vim and practice markdown

My name is Jason Cheladyn. I love coding. I work for an awesome startup ( I live in Japan with my Wife and Daughter, eating Somen. Currently working on, AWS cert and Japanese JLPT N2.